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If you are an Asset Recovery Specialist (or company), think of us as your Advanced Virtual Assistants. If you were to hire outside your company for someone to assist you with the products and services listed below, not only would your cost be higher, but your assistant would not have the knowledge that we have when it comes to the Tax Deed Auctions and Surplus.

Please read through the benefits carefully and if you have questions, use the live chat feature or our contact form.


We are a team of dedicated tax deed surplus specialists who provide everything you need to claim the surplus from the tax deed auctions so that you can concentrate on the areas you do best! We live-watch the auctions in the Florida Counties every auction day (Monday-Thursday) and provide you with the results, owner information, claim forms, client forms, lien research and documents you need so that you are ready to locate and contact the property owner immediately.

You will not find a faster way to obtain the surplus records. We are the only company providing this highly-valuable service.


New counties are always going online and we keep track of them and put their records onto our surplus lists. You can view the status of each county here.



Here are the fields on our Surplus Lists


Your new list is to available to download every auction day by 5 pm EST (typically much sooner). Auction Days are Monday – Thursday and occasionally on a Friday. Auctions are never held on the weekends.

You receive the lists right after each county ends their auction. We send an email out for every report and list once we upload it to the online repository.

The list contain surplus records where the surplus amount is over $2,000 – no upper limit. You receive them all. Our lists are never cherry-picked and we ourselves do not pursue the leads. We are simply List & Research Providers.

The lists are given on in 3 formats so you can use them how you wish:

  1. PDF Document, one record per page. This allows you to print them out and use the sheets during your process of contacting the potential client.
  2. Excel Spreadsheet: This allows you to manipulate the records, sort, search etc. You can delete the rows for records you know you are not going to pursue.
  3. CSV File: You can import this into your own CRM system or database.

During each day, as soon as a county completes their auction, we send out a PDF Report showing the results, surplus, owner information and if the property may have liens on it. If the property does have liens, we research those to see how much and to whom they are owed and that information is included on the “Claimants Report” later.

Here is what the online files look like and their purpose


This benefit alone saves you massive amounts of hours spent locating and downloading the Property Information reports for each Tax Deed sold. We do this for you and provide all of the reports in one online repository for you to obtain them from.

The Property Information Reports are created by each county for every tax deed being auctioned.  They contain massive amounts of information regarding the property owner and any liens or mortgages on the property.

We give you access to our Property Information Reports Online Repository where we store all the Property reports created by the counties. We spend hours locating and downloading these reports so that you can have them all at your fingertips.


Once you locate the potential client, you need to determine the route you will take plus an agreement between you. We give you information on “Routes To Take”, which discusses the Assignment of Interest or the Contingency Agreement + Power of Attorney. We also give you an example of the forms filled out.


After you have worked out a deal and signed the client, you need the Surplus Claim Form from the County. We have the claim forms, processes and contact information for every county in Florida to go along with the surplus lists we give you.


For each record on the surplus lists, there may be liens against the property or owner that could take some or all of the surplus. We perform all the owner and lien research for you on records that have over 5k in surplus. This saves you hours of work each day!

Here is a partial view of a Claimants Report for one record:


COUNTY WEBSITES: We have a page for each of the counties that contains all of the links you need for that county. There is also a Q&A area on each County Page where you can ask county-specific questions. (We used Alachua County for the screenshots below)


CREATE CLAIM PACKAGES: Easily generate a printable document for any record that helps you be organized during the claim process. (Watch the video below)



This Report shows you all records where the liens expired ‘Last Week’, sent every Monday (Florida). We re-research these records to see IF any claims were made and how much in surplus is left (which at this point would be completely owed to the previous property owner since the lien-claim deadline has passed)


The Business Website and Online Database are optional. Details are inside your Account Area once you join.
The Database can be used with our Tax Deed Surplus Records, our Mortgage Surplus Records (On SurplusDatabase.com) and any other records you receive from other sources.
We have two import templates to use with outside records.




Obtaining and Importing Records

Using Filters and Working the Database

All surplus lists you purchase on our websites will import directly into your database. If you purchase lists elsewhere, we have 2 import templates you can use to transfer your records onto and then import into your database.


  • Once you locate and sign a client, there are additional documents you need to submit your claim. These include Owners Deed, Surplus Notice from the County, Lien Document if your client is a lien holder. We assist you in obtaining these items.
  • If the property owner is a business, we can help find out who the owner of the business is.
  • When/If you go after an older record, we can assist you in finding out if there were already claims and/or if there is any surplus left.
  • We can query our database to provide you with Special Reports. For example, if you want to see all surplus records that happened in Volusia County, May of 2022, that had over $20k in surplus, we can do that for you.

Our team is filled with Tax Deed Auction Pros, highly skilled in the research, laws and processes of these auctions. We are fast, reliable and here for you every day