Lists and Reports (Explanations)

Here are the lists and reports we give with an explanation of what they are and how to use them

  • Auction Results as they happen (Using 5/25/23 for the naming format example)
    • 05-25-2023 SD Pro Auction Results for St Johns.pdf
      • This is a report with “Auction Results” in the name. It shows you the Ending Results of a Tax Deed Auction for the named county only. The purpose of this report is to quickly show you any records which may be good to go after immediately (such as the ones with NO Liens).

  • End of the Day Lists and Reports
    Once ALL counties have ended their auctions for the day, we prepare the final reports with the Lien research included. All 3 items below have the same records on them, they are simply in different formats so you can use them in any way you would like.

    • 05-25-2023 Surplus Database Pro Claimants Report.pdf – PDF Document with each record on it’s own page so you can print them out and use them to take notes on.
    • 05-25-2023 Surplus Database Pro Researched Records (IMPORT).csv – CSV (Comma Separated Vales) so you can import the records into your own CRM System or Database
    • 05-25-2023 Surplus Database Pro Researched Records (EXCEL).xlsx – Excel Spreadsheet so you can easily sort and filter out any records you do not want

  • Monday Report
    The Monday Report has the same layout of the Claimants Report. Every Monday morning, we pull a report to show all records where any liens that were on that property are no longer able to claim any surplus (the lien-claim deadline has been reached) and therefore, any surplus money still available is due only to the previous property owner. We then re-research those records to see if any claims were made and if there is surplus remaining. We provide this information to you on a PDF.


Here is what it looks like inside the Google Folder where you access the lists and reports. This is ONE day.